Mistworlds Campaign Guide

Coming Soon!

I am hard at work on this exciting guide to the central planet in the Mistworlds setting: Veldra.

Here are some of the major features you can expect:

  • A rich and plausible history spanning thousands of years.
  • A story that allows you to finally play more than one campaign and have that make sense within the overall context.
  • Fully illustrated guide to the major races and quite a few minor races too.
  • Comprehensive political structures of the kingdoms and empires on the Veldra. Tons of maps so you know how everything is situated.
  • Complete demographics and cultural details for 7 cities and over 25 towns and villages.
  • Super detailed abilities (magic) system using 2 unique power sources.
  • A massive catalog of items, artifacts, weapons and armor with dozens of illustrations.
  • Story hooks galore for everything presented in this guide…I do mean everything!
  • Dozens of organizations for both the good and bad guys.
  • An adventure module complete with maps, side quests and illustrations.
  • The book will release in many system formats, D&D 4e,D&D 3.5, D&D Next, Pathfinder, Diceless and perhaps a few others.

This undertaking has been years in the making and I can finally see the finish line. Be patient and I promise that it will be worth the wait.

-Aubrey Hodges