10 Reasons to Larp

10 reasons to try live-roleplaying with Mistworlds

Mistworlds at a glance

  • easy rules
  • high-fantasy system
  • players vs monsters
  • friendly community
  • exciting combat
  • stunning costumes
  • delicious food

1. You Matter

You’re in a smallish group out to change the face of the world – just as Frodo and the Fellowship did in the Lord of the Rings.
Your character matters.  What you do, matters.  The decisions you make and the fights you pick can change the course of history.
In Mistworlds, the players have a real impact on the campaign and the future of the world.  In essence: you’re way more than a number, you really count.

2. Epic fights for everyone

A high-hit system essentially means it takes many blows to kill your character.  Which is great, whether you can or can’t fight well in real life.  With every party having a healer, you’ll be able to take part in some truly intense fights.
At Mistworlds, we’ve crafted the rules so that players can make a difference at their very first event.
And lastly, the small-sized parties means you’re not observing other people getting stuck in from ten rows back.  You’re there at the heart of the action, saving your comrades, saving the world.

ready for battle

3. The real world disappears

You’ll experience complete immersiveness. The fantastic costumes speak for themselves.  And we use venues with wonderful scenery – forests, sandy dunes, scrublands – where you are extremely unlikely to run into any members of the public.

Players stay in-character for long sessions, and with plenty of adventuring dilemmas to chew over, the real world won’t just seem a distance memory – you’ll forget it entirely!

4. You get involved

Whether you simply want to fight and drink beer, translate runic scrolls and disarm traps, or delve into politics – there’s something for everyone.
Mistworlds (as a LARP) is quite new, you’ll have a chance to shape the world of Veldra in a manner that will affect players for many years to come.

5. You get outdoors

Bilbo didn’t find The One Ring by remaining in the shire, and neither will you find adventure by sitting at home!
Your adventuring group will get to journey into the countryside lasting between 4-8 hours, with plenty of pauses between battles for everyone to get their breath back.
Consider it fitness by stealth!

6.  You’re unique

We have dedicated character referees who not only can help you craft your character background, but work with the dungeon referees to put in encounters specially for you.  So that dark villain from your history may just pop up while you’re questing – be warned!
There’s a wide spectrum and variety of races and nationalities in a thoroughly detailed fantasy world.
And lastly, it’s not just what you can do – it’s what you believe as well.  Are you Good, Neutral or Chaotic?  Do you follow the path of Law, or is it a little ‘less important’ to you?  You have plenty of scope to create a really interesting character.
drow character watching the horizon

7.  Your character will be around a long time

You can safely invest in an awe-inspiring costume for your beloved character, as you’ll probably be around for many years!
Character longevity is a feature of Mistworlds: with a high-hit system, it’ll take quite a bit to put you down and you can be resurrected multiple times.
Which means that everyone should get a heroic death, and more crucially: a chance for a heroic life.

8.  We’re friendly

No cliques here!  We actively welcome new players into the system, and if you’d like to make more friends with a bunch of role-players, we’re your crowd!

9.  Your creature comforts are covered

We make sure that plenty of drinks and snacks are always at your disposal and try our best to ensure a “pot-luck” feast happens at each event.  We try our hardest to ensure that event locations are always as private and full featured as possible.

10.  It’s FREE! Put more excitement in your life – try something new!

Mistworlds LARP is a free club, NOT a business. We are dedicated to the creativity and imagination that LARP fosters and to the fellowship that we enjoy as we “save the world” from peril.
For fights, fun & friends, contact the friendly team to find out more.